Acne & Dark Spots (On-spot) Kit

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Irie Rock Acne and Hyper -Pigmentation set is a combination of products that treats both acne and dark spots
Kits include: Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer, Scrub, Masque and Pigment Serum for on spot concentrated treatment


The kit treats acne and has a more treated approach to treating dark spots and hyperpigmentation. The Pigment serum is introduced which is a target treatment that goes directly on the spot that is being treated.

The kit consists of :

  • Irie Rock Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Deep Pore Cleanser  (8oz)
  • Irie Rock Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Refreshing Facial Toner (4oz)
  • Irie Rock Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Replenishing Facial Moisturizer (4oz)
  • Irie Rock Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Rejuvenating Acne Facial Scrub ( 8oz)
  • Irie Rock Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Clarifying Acne Facial Masque (4oz)
  • Irie Rock Pigment Serum (treat dark spots and other hyperpigmentation  such as  Sunspots, age spots)
Reviews (10)

10 reviews for Acne & Dark Spots (On-spot) Kit

  1. admin

    This is a Life saver.

  2. badlikebena intagram.

    The journey continues positively. Absolutely no filter used. Eight months after using the face wash for the first time.
    Products used: Irie Rock Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Deep Pore Cleanser, Moisturizer, and our 3% Glycolic Acid Serum.

  3. trudibeauti

    OMG, Ire rock is the best. This product is the only product that has ever worked with my skin. I have oily skin and acne, but since I started using these products, my face is 95% better. No pimples, skinless oily by 80%. I love all the products.

  4. jahmekyagyal

    Started using your products, the Deep pore Cleanser, Facial Toner last year. Loved them but when I ran out, I bought some “expensive but highly rated stuff” Well I broke out!! Horribly!! Trashed the expensive crap bought the entire line including the aloe gel. My face has calmed right down!!! Your line rocks!! I’d be a spokesmodel for Free….well for products!
    Products used: Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Deep pore Cleanser, Facial Toner.

  5. Scorpiobaby Grant

    I was introduced to your product at Emancipation, bought the cleanser there. I then purchased the Moisturizer and scrub on Saturday. Awaiting the Toner. I notice an improvement from using the cleanser only. The acne dried up along my jawline and my skin looks brighter. You got me, nothing else for me Irie Rock from now on.

  6. shaniplus94

    Hi Good morning, words can’t express how I feel for over 16 years I have been struggling with my face and this acne have used all the products available for it and none ever helped me like your products    thanks for giving me back my confidence.

  7. iwillwait_love

    #Shoutout to a truly #awesome#Jamaican product. Best thing since sliced bread right here! I can’t remember the last time I’ve gotten such great results from any cleanser or scrub and I’ve used a good number. What I really like about this product is that it’s not too harsh. I’ve used other scrubs that way too harsh for certain areas of my face (like below my eyes) so I’d scrub everywhere else and then overtime my under eyes looked darker and my skin tone ended up look more uneven. Didn’t have that problem with @irierock. This was also my first time using any product from the line and I’ve recommended it to a few persons. I’m almost out now and will be getting more. I hope all their products are as effective. Let’s share the good stuff too.

  8. queenyque

    Girl! Is like every day I use this stuff, my face gets better and better. I was told yesterday at school how my skin almost looks like “Normal type” instead of oily acne-prone and that I have a “glow”. # ForeverIrieRock.

  9. abzsym6.98

    How can I thank you guys enough?! I really do love your line of products. I started using the toner before March of this year then I started using the moisturizer in or after. March and they have been working wonders on my face. The toner leaves my face refreshed and cool. I especially loooovee the moisturizer because it leaves my face glowing and moisturizes it so well. I wasn’t wearing makeup in the after picture (only lip gloss) and my face looks so smooth. People have been asking if I’m wearing makeup or asking what I’m using on my face. Thank you guys so much! You guys rock!
    My complexion looks so good too  

  10. colette_can_gee

    IrieRock Rocks!!!!!……….. My secret arsenal.

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