3% Glycolic Acid


(AHAs)(Glycolic Acid) 

Sheds off the outermost  layer of dead  skin cells, induces  renewal  of a new layer, and increases the moisture level of the skin which  improves  the flexibility of the upper  skin layer.  Irie Rock serum with Glycolic  Acid  helps with fine lines, irregular pigmentation and  age  spots, also  helps to decrease   enlarged   pores. Side effects  of Glycolic  Acids include  mild irritation  and  sun sensitivity. For that  reason, sunscreen also should be used every morning.  To help avoid  skin irritation with alpha-hydroxy   acids, it is  advis• able  to start with a product with concentrations   of AHA of 2 to 3 percent.  It is recom• mended on first usage that you gently  introduce   the product into your daily routine to and  monitor  any inflammation.   You want  to get your skin used to Glycolic  Acids, so you should only initially apply  the skin care  product every other day,  gradually  working up to daily application


Ingredients  : Aqua/ Water,  Glycolic  Acid  3%,

Useage: For the gradual  fading  of  skin discoloration   such as  freckles, age  and  liver spot ,dark spots

Directions: After cleansing  apply  a small amount to affected  area  and  allow  to ab• sorb into the skin. Follow with Irie Rock moisturizer and  a sun block.  Use at nights.  Rec• ommended for night use only


Light peels or Prep for deeper  deeper  peels that would  be done  be your Spa Technician