Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Facial Scrub

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Exfoliation is one of the keys to brighter,  more  radiant skin. This gentle  yet effec• tive everyday facial  scrub has been  formulated with micro witch  hazel  granules to help unclog  pores by gently  exfoliating to remove trapped dirt, oil and dead  skin cells. Regular use helps prevent future breakouts and  keeps  your complexion clear,  eaving your face  soft, smooth  and  revitalized

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Key Ingredients

Tea Tree Witch Hazel benefits:

•   They are general  disinfectant    that  flight bacteria

•   Extremely low potential  for skin irritation  or sensitisation

•   helps skin to heal by encouraging   the formation  of new scar tissue

•   Their antioxidant   and  astringent  properties  make  them  effective  against acne

•   Helps the body  to fight off all kinds of infections.

Ingredients:   water,  witch  hazel granules,  glycerin,  sodium  laureth  sulfate, coco• betaine,S  sodium  bicarbonate, sodium chloride,  citric acid,  tea  tree essential oil, glydant plus

Directions: Apply   rejuvenating   facial  Scrub  to skin by gently  rubbing  in circular motions, while avoiding  eyes. Rinse and  follow with Irie Rock Refreshing Facial Toner and  Irie Rock Replenishing  Facial Moisturizer.  Turn tube with the flip cap facing  upward  and  shake .

Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Facial Scrub

  1. iwillwait_love

    #Shoutout to a truly #awesome#Jamaican product. Best thing since sliced bread right here! I can’t remember the last time I’ve gotten such great results from any cleanser or scrub and I’ve used a good number. What I really like about this product is that it’s not too harsh. I’ve used other scrubs that way too harsh for certain areas of my face (like below my eyes) so I’d scrub everywhere else and then overtime my under eyes looked darker and my skin tone ended up look more uneven. Didn’t have that problem with @irierock. This was also my first time using any product from the line and I’ve recommended it to a few persons. I’m almost out now and will be getting more. I hope all their products are as effective. Let’s share the good stuff too.

  2. @ Shanni Budd

    @ Shanni Budd
    So last week my friend who hadn’t see me for 3 months asked out of the blue, “Budd, what are you using on your face now?” I responded, “ A great Jamaican brand Irierock natural Skincare.” Why do you ask? She said she had noticed a difference in how my skin looked and said the pores were getting smaller. I made sure to tell her where she could find it! She told me she had already seen it in Beauty Supermarket Portmore.

  3. makeup medic

    As a makeup artist that tends to wear a full face of makeup most times and also has acne-prone skin as well as combination skin, I have to have a skincare routine so I don’t get breakouts because flawless skin gives a flawless makeup finish. The Irie Rock rejuvenating facial scrub and the spin for beauty machine brush is go too day to day products to keep my skin on point, clean, and feeling good at all times.

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