Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Facial Toner

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A cooling    refreshing  and  deep   cleaning  facial   toner  with  key ingredients  such  as  Niacinamide   which   in-hibit  overactive   sebaceous  gland   activity   while  soothing   aggravation.   Salicylic   acid   clears  congested   follicles  to  minimize development    of future   breakouts.  Camphor tightens   and  tone  the  skin while  tea  tree  and  witch   hazel  are  known for their  natural   antiseptic  properties   that  inhibits  the  growth   of  bacteria  while  stimulating  the  skin’s natural   barrier  function  for clearer,   healthier   skin

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Key Ingredients

Tea Tree &  Witch Hazel benefits:

•    They are general disinfectant  that  flight bacteria

•    Extremely low potential for skin irritation or sensitisation

•    helps skin to heal by encouraging the formation of new scar tissue

•    Theirantioxidant and  astringent properties make  them  effective against  acne

•    Helps the body  to fight off all kinds of infections.

(BHAs) (salicylicacid)

Proven anti-acne agent  due to antiseptic properties, very effective keratolytic agent  (exfoliant  within skin pores) usedfor peelings, anti-dandruff, anti-psoriatic, anti-seborrheic & anti-warts treatments. Salicylic acid  also has been  studied  for its effect  on skin that  has aged  prematurely due to exposure  to ultraviolet rays from the sun. It exfoliates skin and  can improve the texture  and  color  of the skin. It penetrates oil-laden  hair follicle  openings  and,  as a result, also helps with acne.

Niacinamide (Vitamin  B3)  :Inhibit overactive sebaceous gland  activity  so as to prevent future  breakout while soothing aggravation

Camphor: Tighted and tone pores

Active  ingredients: Salicylic Acid  2 % ,   Tea Tree, Witch  Hazel , Niacinamide (vitamin  B3), Camphor

Ingredients: water,  witch  hazel ,glycerin,  2% salicylic acid,  niacinamide (vitamin  B3),  camphor, tea  tree essential oil, glydant plus

Directions: moisten cotton  ball and  smooth over cleaned face  and  neck.  Use morning  and  night. Follow with  Irie Rock Replenishing Facial Moisturizer.

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Facial Toner

  1. jahmekyagyal

    Started using your products, the Facial Toner last year. Loved them but when I ran out, I bought some “expensive but highly rated stuff” Well I broke out!! Horribly!! Trashed the expensive crap bought the entire line including the aloe gel. My face has calmed right down!!! Your line rocks!! I’d be a spokesmodel for Free….well for products!

  2. queenyque & colette_can_gee

    @queenyque @colette_can_gee
    Girl! Is like every day I use this stuff, my face gets better and better. I was told yesterday at school how my skin almost looks like “Normal type” instead of oily acne-prone and that I have a “glow”. # ForeverIrieRock.

  3. perfectlyimperfect_7

    Your products were recommended to me by the girls @ Fontana pharmacy Fairview. I use the Tea Tree & Witch hazel toner & it shrunk my pores & got rid of the acne & blackheads. I tell EVERYONE about it. When they ask how does my face stay so flawless while wearing makeup every day. Best acne product I’ve ever used. IT WORKS!!!! I am a living testimony. I only ask that you keep your prices affordable then you would have me for life great for eczema as well & those sudden breakouts & rash, doesn’t burn.

  4. krissii_nia

    The toner that is. It has encouraged me to try out other products from this line.

  5. chunchimina

    Totally love this toner from one of my favorite local brands

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