Glycolic Plus 6 Step Full Set


Suffering from Hyperpigmentation, Aging Skin or do you just want glowing skin? here is the line for you.

The line we would recommend for you is our Glycolic Plus (gp) line this line is specially formulated to treat dark spots.
Day regimen

  • Step 1 GP cleanser
  • Step 2 GP toner
  • Step 3 GP moisturizer
  • Step 4 sunblock SPF 30 or above

Night regimen

  • Step 1 GP cleanser
  • Step 2 GP exfoliating night pads
  • Step 3 GP facial oil.

Full Set contains:

  • Glycolic Plus  Cleanser 8oz
  • Glycolic Plus Masque 4oz
  • Glycolic Plus Toner 4oz
  • Glycolic Plus Moisturizer 4oz
  • Glycolic Plus Exfoliating night pads 30 pads
  • Glycolic Plus facial Oil 1oz