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(AHAs)( GlycolicAcid)
Sheds off the outermost  layer of dead  skin cells, induces  renewal of a new layer, and  increases the moisture level of the skin which  improves  the flexibility of the upper  skin layer.  Irie Rock serum with Glycolic Acid  helps with fine lines,irregular pigmentation  and  age  spots, also  helps to decrease enlarged pores. Side effects  of Glycolic Acids include  mild irritation and  sun sensitivity. Forthat  reason, sunscreen also should be used every  morning.  To help avoid  skin irritation with alpha-hydroxy acids, it is advisable to start with a product with concentrations of AHA of 2 to 3 percent. It is recommended on first usage that you gently  introduce the product into your daily routine  to and  monitor any inflammation. You want  to get your skin used to Glycolic Acids, so you should only initially apply the skin care  product every other  day, gradually working  up to daily application

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Key Ingredients :
An antioxidant that  also helps promote even  skin tones
Lactic Acid
Is an alpha  hydroxy  acid  (AHA) naturally  found  in milk and  sugar.  It is  part of the skin’s natural moisturizing factor  (NMF)and moisturizesthe skin.

Kojic Acid
De-pigmentingagent and  fights age  spots. Induces skin lightening  and  helps even skin tone  on all skin types. Minimizesliver spots.

Licorice  Extract                                                                                                                                                                                Skin lightening  effects  through  inhibition  of melanin  formation, good  anti-inflammatory, regenerating and  soothing  effects.

Ingredients: aqua  /water,  glycolic  Acid,  alpha-arbutin, kojic acid,  lactic  acid,  licorice- ext,

Useage: Forgradual fading  of  skin discoloration such as freckles, age  and  liver spot &dark spots

Directions: After cleansing  apply  a small amount to affected  area  and  allow  to absorb  into the skin. Follow with  Irie Rock moisturizerand a sun block.  Use nightly.

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2 reviews for Pigment Serum

    Just gotta commend you guys on your excellent product. Just bought my third bottle, didn’t even wait until the second one was finished. Gonna buy the body one this week cause I trust yall based on the amazing results this product gave me!! THANK YOU!!!

  2. s_l_faces

    My (personal) summer essential for the daytime. Forgive me but I’m a bit lazy to name each item but however ill hashtag them. These are what you use on my face on a daily basis when I’m in the mood for makeup. I stay away from foundation during the days because I’m working on my skin so I opt for a BB Cream with SPF. # vitamin C Serum for the win.

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