2% Salicylic Acid


RECOMMENDED FOR  NIGHT USE onlyLight peels or Prep for deeper  peels that would  be done  by your Spa Technician.

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Key Ingredients:

(BHAs) (salicylicacid)

Proven anti-acne agent  due  to antiseptic  properties,  very effective keratolytic  agent (exfoliant  within skin pores) used for peelings,  anti-dandruff,   anti-psoriatic,   anti• seborrheic  & anti-warts  treatments.  Salicylic acid  also has been  studied  for its effect  on skin that  has aged  prematurely   due  to exposure  to ultraviolet  rays from the sun. It exfo• liates the skin and  can  improve  the texture  and  colour  of the skin. It penetrates   oil• laden  hair follicle  openings  and  as a result helps with acne.Peels

Ingredients  :   Salicylic Acid  2%, Ethyl Alcohol

Useage: For the gradual  fading  of  skin discoloration   such as  freckles, age  and  liver spot ,dark spots ALSO HELPS TO PREVENT INGROWN HAIR

Directions: After cleansing  apply  a small amount to affected  area  and  allow  time to absorb  into the skin. Follow with Irie Rock moisturizer and  a sun block.