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What are your skin goals?
Prevent wrinklesBetter, healthier skinAddress my skin problems

Are you:

Are you pregnant or actively trying to get pregnant?
PregnantActively tryingNeutral

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What is your skin type?
I'm not sureDryNormalCombinationOily

Which skin ethnicity do you most identify with?
East/Southeast Asian skinCaucasian skinSouth Asian skinAfrican-American skinHispanic skinOther

How does your skin react to 2 hours of sun exposure without sunscreen?
My skin usually burnsMy skin rarely burns, I usually get a tan insteadMy skin never burnsI'm not sure

Does new skin care often make your skin itch, burn, or irritated?
YesYes, sometimesNoI'm not sure

What are your skin concerns?
AcneDark spots or uneven toneWrinklesClogged poresRednessOiliness

Any particular concern you really want us to focus on?
Yes, oilinessYes, acneYes, dark spotsNo, focus on all my concerns equally

Did you always have acne or did you recently start having acne?
I always have had acneI always have had acne but it got worse recentlyI always have had clear skin but recently started to get acneI'm not sure

Do you see wrinkles when you smile or laugh?
YesYes, but only in the eye areaNo

How many pimples did you get in the last week?
None1 - 33 - 66+

How often do you see new red inflamed pimples?

Do you see more pimples around your period?
YesNoI don't know/I've never noticed

Will you be using this regimen in combination with a prescription acne cream (ie. tretinoin)?

If you use a prescription acne cream in combination with our system, we will lower your anti-acne
strength to avoid overdosing on anti-acne ingredients.
YesNoI'm not sure

How many dark spots do you have?
No dark spotsSome dark spots here and thereI have large patches of dark spots

Did you always have dark spots/uneven skin tone growing up?
YesNoI don't remember

Were any of your dark spots caused by acne?
YesNoI'm not sure

Would you attribute your dark spots to sun exposure?
YesNoI don't know

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