Coconut Sensation Body Scrub


Reveal  your  skin’s true  radiance  with  a  polishing  scrub  enriched with  oils that  will  leave   your skin soft, smooth,  radiant and  delicately scented with an uplifting  fragrance of your choice. Exfoliating is the key  to brighter  more  radiant skin.

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Key Ingredients:

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a common ingredient in lotions and  moisturizers.Coconut oil is an excellent mas• sage oil for the skin as well. It acts as an effective  moisturizeron all types of skin,including dry skin. Coconut oil therefore is a safe solution for preventing  dryness and  flaking  of skin. It also de• lays the appearance  of wrinkles and  sagging  of skin which  normally  accompany  aging.

Vitamin E

•    It protects  the skin from environmental pollution

•    It has a protecting action  against  UV radiation – although it cannot   be classed as a sunscreen

•    It is an excellent moisturiser

•    It contains  powerful  anti-inflammatory action  – and  this can  prevent the signsof  premature ageing,  as inflammatory conditions  in the skin is a leading  cause  of skin ageing

It has excellent wound  healing  properties

Natural Ingredients: Sugar, coconut oil, Vitamin  E,

Other  Ingredients: Deionized  Water ,StearicAcid  ,Glyceryl   Monostreate, Propylene,Cety Alcohol,  lsopropyl   Myristrate,  Triethanolamine, Frangrance, Colour

Directions: Massage  in circular  movements over your body  while in the bath  or shower to help remove dead  skin cells and  boost circulation. If granular are too large for your skin type  just add  a few drops of water  and  that will make  them  smaller.