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Racquell Brown: A woman on a mission
Created: February 11, 2013

Racquell Brown, managing director of Irie Rock Yaad Spa, showcasing her line of natural skin-care products. - Contributed

Entrepreneur Racquell Brown, owner of Irie Rock Yaad Spa, is a woman on a mission. Having single-handedly launched her line of natural skin-care products, Brown is now looking to expand her business to even higher heights.

Brown's Irie Rock journey, which was born out of her love for natural products, started four years ago while working at a local company. "They were making people redundant at the organisation I was working with, and at the time, I wasn't one of those persons," she said. "But the whole experience got me to thinking, 'What if I was going to be one of those persons soon?' I was thinking about this for a while and said, 'I need to stop toying with the idea (of starting my own business) and get it done'."

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