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Irie Rock interview with Heike all over the place
Created: November 3, 2011

The first time I experienced the "coconut sensation" was at Caribbean Fashion Week 2011. This sensation was the courtesy of "Irie Rock", a new range of spa products from Jamaica. Founder and owner Racquell Brown introduced me to the product at the CFW opening party at the Spanish Court Hotel in Kingston, Jamaica and the aroma of the lotion stayed with me. I wanted to know more about this new product, made locally in Jamaica, using natural ingredients and the flavors of the island from coconuts to coffee beans, mango to lime.

I kept running into Racquell Brown, a determined, focused, business savvy and stylish young woman and I respect her approach to firstly making her brand the best it could be and secondly promoting it relentlessly. "Irie Rock" was present at many recent major events such as Reggae Sumfest 2011 and the products are now carried at Super Clubs, Rosehall Resort and Spa, Grand Bahia Principle Spa, and Renova Spa in Jamaica. If you ask me, I think this is still just the beginning.

What you would find in my bag right now is the "Papaya Path Body Butter", which does not just have a very delicious scent but it also feels smooth and luxurious while moisturizing your skin. The body butter is just one of many products utilizing the power of nature. Racquell Brown grew up in Trelawny, Jamaica and learnt to use herbs and fruits from her grandmother. "Irie Rock" is based on this traditional knowledge of nature and what could be better for your skin then the purity, natural benefits and aromas of the fruits growing in the Caribbean? Flavors as sumptuous as ice cream make you want to indulge and dip your fingers in every pot and tube. The "Irie Rock" line includes "Mango Walk Body Butter", "Vanilla Bliss Jammin Body Oil", "Passion (I Dare You) Massage Oil", "Coffee Delight Yaad Body Scrub", "Watermelon Fresh Body Splash", "Pineapple Express Yea’Man Body Wash" and many other variations like "Jamaican Coco Butter", "Pink Grapefruit" or "Citrus Fields".

And it is not enough for "Irie Rock" to deliver these amazing products but on top of it donations are made each year to a different charity! For 2011 donations will be made to the Jamaica Cancer Society. "Irie Rock is going places and hopefully it will find its way into your bathroom . If you would love to treat yourself to some natural products from the "Irie Rock’ line and you are not traveling to Jamaica any time soon you can order everything online!

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