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Irie Rock “Yaad” Spa Products
Created: November 4, 2011

Would you like to indulge yourself in body butters, lotions, scrubs, splashes and oils in delicious flavours like mango, vanilla, papaya, coconut, watermelon, coffee bean or pineapple? The “Irie Rock” spa products are the right all natural choice for you. “Irie Rock” is a new line of products made of natural ingredients in Clarendon, Jamaica, based on traditions and knowledge of the beautiful secrets and powers of nature that founder and owner Racquell Brown learned from her grandmother when growing up in Trelawny, Jamaica. Racquell Brown has always loved the aromas found in nature and she started utilizing her knowledge by making her own products specifically for her skin while living in the UK. After her return to Jamaica, Racquell started to produce products for friends. In 2007 Racquell Brown officially launched “Irie Rock” and started to focus her marketing talents on her own business. The determined, business-savvy and stylish young woman has turned “Irie Rock” into a recognized brand, now carried at Super Clubs, Rosehall Resort and Spa, Grand Bahia Principe Spa, and Renova Spa in Jamaica. The products are also sold island wide in Jamaica and other countries will be added soon. (If you are not traveling to Jamaica any time soon you can order everything online. Please see below for contact details!)

I first came across the “Irie Rock” brand at Caribbean Fashion Week 2011, which was just one of the few major events where I ran into Racquell Brown, promoting her products. I experienced my first “Coconut Sensation” while at the CFW Opening Party at the Spanish Court Hotel in Kingston, courtesy of “Irie Rock”. What you would find in my bag right now is also the ‘Papaya Path Body Butter”, which does not just have a very delicious scent, but it also feels smooth and luxurious while moisturizing your skin. I have quite a few products on my list to try, which reads almost like a sumptuous assortment of ice cream flavours… “Mango Walk Body Butter”, “Vanilla Bliss Jammin Body Oil”, “Passion (I Dare You) Massage Oil”, “Coffee Delight Yaad Body Scrub”, “Watermelon Fresh Body Splash”, “Pineapple Express Yea’Man Body Wash” and many other variations like “Jamaican Coco Butter“, “Pink Grapefruit” or “Citrus Fields”.

If I am enticing you to try a natural treat from the “Irie Rock” spa line you are also treating someone in need. Part of the proceeds go to a different charity every year, in 2011 it is the Jamaica Cancer Society. Talk about a healthy product!

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